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18 Jul 2022


I want you to remember the most flawless makeup look you’ve ever seen. What can you remember?

Is the skin smooth AF? Are the highlights blinding you? Are the cheeks snatched? What about the eyes? Are the color choices complementing her eye color?

Well let me let you in on a secret. Whatever make up products they used, 70% of the end-result depends on SKIN PREP.

I know… It’s so unexpected! But it’s true!!

Skin prep is one of the main factors that define how your makeup looks and lasts. And I am not only talking about primers, it’s about the right amount and type of hydration you use to prepare the skin for the makeup application – I’m talking skincare products people!

If you have dry skin and you don’t hydrate enough, the skin still remains dry. Now imagine applying the foundation on top. Guess what happens next! Your base looks cracked and textured, bye bye flawless make up!

You see my point?

Now let me fix you up!

If you have combination/oily skin, try Mario Badescu’s Hyaluronic Dew Cream. Its gel-like oil-free formula will add hydration in multiple levels of the skin leaving a dewy fresh-faced finish without the oiliness.


As an extra boost you can add a serum before your moisturizer, depending on your needs.

For example:

Anti-Acne Serum by Mario Badescu if you have oily/acne prone skin


Smooth Talk Serum by Skin Proud if you have combination/dehydrated skin.

Now if you have dry skin, try Trilogy’s Ultra Hydrating Face cream. It provides intense moisture recovery, nourishment and long-lasting comfort for dry, thirsty complexions.

Boost it up with:

Rejuvenating Serum by Joanna Vargas



If you are using a water-based foundation go for a lightweight water-based moisturizer and if you are using an oil-based foundation then go for a rich oil-based moisturizer. We all know that water and oil don’t mix well together, so if you use water-based skin prep and apply an oil-based foundation it will separate.


You are welcome world!



Andrea C.

Selekt Beauty Senior Makeup Artist & Makeup Trainer