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03 Jun 2022


Ok so there are two types of people in the summer.

TYPE #1: Doesn’t miss an opportunity to tan, the beach is their second home, sun is their best friend, and golden tanned skin is their life mission.

TYPE #2: Hates summer. The sun, the heat, the humidity, the BEACH, THE SAND. Everything is a nightmare and getting a tan feels like a mission impossible to them.

Well, TYPE #2 people, I’M ONE OF YOU. And I come with solutions.

Today I’m gonna share with you a few tricks I picked up along the way, to achieve the most delicious sun kissed skin ever. [Ok Type #1 people can also make use of this for that extra glowy sunkissed look – YOU ARE ALLOWED]


So, you’ll need to have in hand:

A bronzer, a blusher, your fav highlighter and a setting spray.

That’s it.


Step #1

Starting with your bronzer, you want to apply it on all the highest points on the face.


Because when you are tanning on the beach, those are the parts where the sun hits.

So apply it on the forehead, your cheekbones, the nose & chin but ALSO in the crease of your eyes!

This is a great trick. Your bronzer is probably the best shade to carve and contour the eyes in order to achieve more depth.

Also, never ever EVER forget about the neck. It’s the “bridge” that connects the head to the rest of the body. And since we are adding warmth to the face, we need to balance the warmth on the neck as well.

Nabla’s Skin Bronzing in Ambra, is one of the most common shades I would recommend to match the Mediterranean skin tone.


Step #2

Grab your blusher.

You want to apply it almost in the center of the face.

To get the slightly sunburned just-got-back-from-the-vacay effect, apply on the apples of your cheeks and diffuse it inwards, towards the bridge of the nose. So the most product, should be under the eyes and on the bridge of the nose to mimic a “sunburn”. Also, let’s be real.. it looks cute AF.

Lottie’s Ombre Blush in Serene for a more subtle effect.


And Nabla’s Skin Glazing in Truth or Lola for the “oops I overdid it at the beach” effect.






Step #3

Now, onto THE GLOW.

Your highlighter in the summertime should be a tiny bit warmer than your winter shade. So that it doesn’t look frosty on your tanned skin.

With a small fluffy brush, apply the product again on the highest points of the face but also in the inner corners of the eye and on the center of the eyelids near the lash line. Because you want to create dimension and light-up the whole face. Cause, glowy skin for daaaays.

Now onto the fun part.

Grab your favorite setting spray and apply it on your shoulders, chest and collar bones.

Grab a big brush, dip it into the highlighter and while the setting spray is still wet, apply the product.

This combo will create a wet glow on the body, and because you used a setting spray it won’t transfer on your clothes, it wont feel greasy and it will last you all day/all night long.

For the light skin tone girls out there, I would recommend Lottie’s Glazed Donut and for the golden girls, Nabla’s Skin Glazing in Privillage.

Lottie Glazed Donut


Nabla Skin Glazing in Privillage



You see? You can get that bronzed goddess look without any fuss. Just a few products in hand.

No fuss, no muss.


Pretty awesome, right?


You’re welcome world!



Andrea C.

Selekt Beauty Senior Makeup Artist & Trainer